Shinwa Inkline Pro
Line 20m     Part that are subject to wear are replacable
Autorewinded 10m   Spare Safety Karuko Pin TS77849
Ink Capacity 15〜25ml   Spare Line TS77864
  Spare Cotton TS77848
Size: 207x85.5x45.5mm
Weight: 230g
  Black Ink 200ml
Black Ink Indelible 200m
TT77832 C$40.00   Red Ink 200ml
Red Ink Indelible 200m


How to Use Inkline
Open the lid and pour the ink into sponge enough (15〜25cc) but not too much. If any ink drip out from sponge, it is too much. Start with less and add as you adjust.
Once you have ink, stretch the line with pushing a front black button, I mean pull out line from the case so ink will soak into line.
Then it is ready to use. Make sure place pin deep enough. You can pull this string more than chalk line but do not pull too strong that cut the line. If line is not soaking well, pull the line with pushing the black button again.
Angle body allows you to hold line tight into corner for efficient string snaps. Especially using line guide, it will be easy. To use, pushing yellow button and slide out.
When you snap lines, snap the string up on an air with finger before you snap on wood that will give you clean line. Also, Convenient hook tool allows you to make clean precise string snaps.
The line has loaded with the length about 24 feet. String is about 65 feet. If you need to snap line longer than 30 feet, there is a Yellow button(Spring Tension release) on back, and push it to release the spring. You will find that spring will not wind the string complete if you release the strung, then re-wind the spring, you will see the dial on back.
When you want to hold the line turn to left the yellow button
When sponge get dry, you add more ink, however, after you fill ink several time, you can just wet sponge with water if it contains enough carbon.
The case contains roll of string, will turn to lose from other case as well as lock the string to spool.
To Replace line
How to tie